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Opened by SpiderMack - 21.02.2018
Last edited by Jayce Young - 22.03.2018

FS#54 - New project management and packages

Actually creating and using a new project in Skyline is confusing
there is no real project structure and it’s and not easy to manage.

Instead it should get a common modern projects structure.

1) Launching skyline would show a list of referenced projects that have been created (a common way of managing projects)

 With buttons to :
  create a new project 
  Delete a project
  Import a project on list from a folder location 

2) A new project :

 would have it's own new game manager and only one that could be modified 
  (no need to load again a game manager each time we open a project)
 would only uses it's own assets from it's own "Assets" directory
       no links to Skyline installation "Assets" folders to avoid any confusion

3) When working on a project, each scene created belongs to that project only.

 A default main empty (or empty with menus) scene is defined when creating a new project.

4) Packages (or templates)

 Ability to specify what assets to include in the new projects "Assets" folder using packages (or templates) when creating it.
 packages would be folders structure with different content that would be imported and copied to the new project "Assets" folder.
 Packages could be ziped or non ziped folder structure and content to deploy on project "Assets" folder

Creating a new projects there would be a list of packages to choose from to include in the new project :
- complete “Assets” (all content from Skyline installation folder “Assets”) by default checkbox would be checked
- Tps template (some characters models, some effects, and scripts)
- nature content
- Sci Fi content
- primitives

Checking nothing , it would create and empty project with the minimum to create an empty scene
(no textures, no 3D models , no particles, no scripts, no micrographs)

Users would be able to create packages for anyone to use.

Closed by  Jayce Young
22.03.2018 22:26
Reason for closing:  Completed
Additional comments about closing:  

Pretty much completed this ticket, there is of course the import certain assets but that is a different ticket i believe. As per the title, we have a new and improved project management system

epsilonion commented on 25.02.2018 17:10

its a good idea about the packages like it, it reminds me of one of the AAA game engines that does that.. :)

Project resources - it already sort of has this, it has its own asset library available to keep assets away from the main general asset library, it has been done like this so that if you have any assets say for instance textures that you want to be available on all projects.

When finished with creating your project you can run the resource collector to collect only assets that have been used from the main general asset library.. really simple to use and not much in the way of confusion, even my young daughter gets it lol..

Create, delete and Import a project on list from a folder location - these are essential especially the import and delete for house keeping.. :)

Jayce Young commented on 25.02.2018 21:35

I am currently upgrading project a small amount and have taken some of your suggestions into account :)

Jayce Young commented on 15.03.2018 21:31

This is mostly done now and ready for the next version...

epsilonion commented on 22.03.2018 02:14

Great new system guys... been able to isolate the project suites my requirements as well.. :) great feature

Jayce Young commented on 22.03.2018 13:39

good to hear! :D

Jayce Young commented on 22.03.2018 22:25

Fixed a few problems with the project start screen and removing certain projects would remove the wrong one since the id's went out of whack and ended up writing the registry wrong. Now the system also removes any non existing projects from the registry to stop the project load error appearing for all projects that were deleted.


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