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Opened by Mike Felker - 08.02.2018

FS#18 - Need true grouping in editor

We need the ability to multiselect assets and group them as one mesh while keeping them separate. I know you can put assets in folders and CTRL-CLICK them to move them as a group, but it’s not the same as true grouping.

epsilonion commented on 08.02.2018 15:14

I don't know if this helps you but I use the Mesh Merger (tools menu > Mesh Merger), I know that this doesn't keep them separate and converts them into one mesh to save resources..

You can make ====presets of several different objects====, basically select the objects you want in the preset and make preset, then when you drag the preset from the asset manager into a scene then it creates the 3 individual objects will all there actions and scripts attached..

Jayce Young commented on 08.02.2018 16:59

Grouping will be coming shortly as this is one of the highest priority tasks that we have.


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