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Opened by Mike Felker - 10.02.2018

FS#25 - Fracturing / Exploding assets

For many games, hurling a rocket or grenade and then watch the 3D asset explode into fragments is common. Likewise, fracturing a wall into chunks is all important- like hiding a cave wall that is able to be fractured.

Here is an example:


epsilonion commented on 11.02.2018 11:11

This has been planned for some time now, PhyxClothing, Physx Destruction, DX11 FX Plugins are all on the to do list.. :)
I requested these back on Jan 2017.. and they where noted for when Direct X was implemented into Skyline.

SpiderMack commented on 11.02.2018 17:59

Skyline needs first to update their 10 years old Physix engine version before you can expect such features.


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