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Opened by SpiderMack - 11.02.2018
Last edited by Jayce Young - 19.03.2018

FS#32 - FBX Animations not working (Blender)

I exported a character from Blender as FBX, it has multiple animations actions recognized in Skyline.

When i try to play those on script, only the “WALK” animation works.

You can find the Blender, exported FBX and script test on zip below

To test :
-drop the FBX character on a scene
-Add external script from ZIP to character
-Change script variableto : ANIMATION = “WALK”
-Play mode in editor, it works the character “walk” animation is playing.
-Change variable to ANIMATION = “IDLE” -The animation is not playing.

Jayce Young commented on 12.02.2018 17:23

yeah, wierd.. i noticed that there are some broken inverted normals on the mesh also... e.g. rotate the mesh and lighting stays the same on the model... perhaps some FBX setting..

To check the animations, all i did was add the mesh to scene, press the animate button, not the play button and under the entity > model property > step through the animations... the walk seems the most complete.
I also checked in Autodesk FBX Viewer and it showed the mesh with all the animations in tact, slow but in tact

Jayce Young commented on 12.02.2018 20:02

Have you tried exporting the animations into seperate FBX files then import them all. Naming looks like this:
* myCharacter.fbx
* myCharacter@Idle.fbx
* myCharacter@Walk.fbx
* myCharacter@KO.fbx
* myCharacter@Attack.fbx

SpiderMack commented on 12.02.2018 21:37

It's a strange bug, i can try import on other 3D engine and see if it's a problem with the model or if it's related to the importer ?

I prefer one export and one export, it's better workflow, but i can try separate anim files.

SpiderMack commented on 12.02.2018 23:10

I checked it doesn't work in Unity for example.

So it's something related to the 3D model, how it is animated or export.
I'll make more testing.

Jayce Young commented on 13.02.2018 11:34

ok, thats good to hear in one aspect that it doesn't work in unity...
Even 3dsmax has too export fbx files seperately for each animation as does mixamo

SpiderMack commented on 15.02.2018 14:16

The problem is not exporting all animations in one file or exporting multiple animations files.
Unity supports Blender multiple actions(animations) in one FBX file at import without any problem.

The issue is about something breaking the export unlike other character with simple rigging.
This could be Something about the armature setup, some values setup or the way it's rigged, i don't know.

Jayce Young commented on 15.02.2018 20:06

oh.. unfortunately, unless its something to do with skyline then we can’t really help... we are sorry that you are experiencing this though, but i have found blender to be subpar at times on its exports.. hope you find a solution :)

Skyline also works with multi animations per fbx as we have used this a lot ourselves and then split the animations or they come in pre split... sorry we cant be of more help though...

If you agree that this is not a skyline fault, then i think we should close the ticket.. if it there is an error after you get it working, then we can reopen the ticket.

SpiderMack commented on 20.02.2018 23:42

I tried on another 3D engine, the export was Collada from Blender and importing it in 3D engine,
all animations was just playing fine.

As you can see some animation different than "WALK" is working

Perhaps issues is with FBX export ?
Well any 3D engine should be able to import animation that is simple and not made of complex system.

Jayce Young commented on 20.02.2018 23:51

"I tried on another 3D engine, the export was Collada from Blender and importing it in 3D engine,"
Was this .dae by any chance...

Skyline imports any other file format apart from FBX using the Assimp library. FBX is for FBX only...

SpiderMack commented on 21.02.2018 00:15

Collada in Skyline doesn't seem to import animations.
I dropped the Assimp object in the scene with the same script as FBX.
Only FBX can play "walk" animation, Assimp can't play animations.

I'll do some more tests, but it's strange as it's standard animations with IK,
and not some morph targets or alambic.

SpiderMack commented on 21.02.2018 07:33

I exported again from Blender and got animations working as intended in Unity

For example ATTACK instead of WALK.

The same Blender or FBX works also on another 3D Engine.

The animation is standard, but it doesn't work in Skyline with FBX and animations import.

SpiderMack commented on 21.02.2018 13:08

Below the download link to the the FBX export from Blender with animations that works in other 3D engines.

Jayce Young commented on 21.02.2018 15:28

thanks for the file.. will check it out asap..

Jayce Young commented on 21.02.2018 16:16

I can work with this file. i too have it importing into other software and working but skyline shows all the anims as attack...

Jayce Young commented on 19.03.2018 12:09

Changed ticket title to represent blender as FBX from other modelling applications works fine.

SpiderMack commented on 16.04.2018 20:02

How did you succeed importing FBX and IK into other modeling apps ? What was the modeling apps ?

Any news about the animation import ?

Jayce Young commented on 16.04.2018 20:56

We use 3dsmax and maya for exporting and it works for a good 95% of the time.. There is just the odd rare case of some characters or rigs not exporting properly.

As for blender, we have not had much time to look into it yet as we do have another asset with rig problems coming into skyline, but we are currently stowed off with tasks.


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