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98Feature RequestsHave the Game Manager LUA script running in editor modeHigh1New
epsilonion07.04.2019 Ticket Description

Since the Game manager LUA script keeps running above all scenes etc it would be great to be able to have it running in editor, this will enable the following and more.

Passing of tables and data like player stats between scenes (levels).
Verify that data written to tables etc in the Game manager script when in editor.
Testing and verifying that all data passed to the manager script is OK..

Having functions in the scene manager script would save from having to copy and paste them into each and every scene and speed up the load times of levels/scenes.

overall I think it would be a great benefit to have it running in editor

93Feature RequestsTo have TrackIR intergrated as standard would be great.Very Low1New
epsilonion07.11.2018 Ticket Description

If you can not afford a VR rig many people look towards TrackIR, its been around for longer than the concept of VR and is in many many games.
You could have it switched on or off (off as standard)

Featuring a wide field of view, high frame rate, and 6DoF tracking technology, the TrackIR 5 dramatically increases situational awareness, adding depth to the PC gaming experience and pulling you further into the game.

When I first requested this (approx 2 years ago) it was free and you only had to register your game with the software to access the API I dont know about now but it still should be free..

  • It’s a massive competitive edge in flight and space sims. It changes the game. There’s no going back. It’s that important
  • The added immersion and freedom puts you close enough to the virtual world for you to lose yourself in it
  • No doubt about it, TrackIR is a significant advantage in combat, and frankly a far more immersive experience. I can’t play my games without it anymore.

Some of the games using there system:

  • Star Citizen
  • Insurgancy
  • DayZ
  • ArmA 3
  • Rust
  • Dirt Rally
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Flight Simulator X
  • European and American truck simulators

and many more...

92Feature RequestsAI Visual Mechanics kinda thing - Behaviour TreesMedium1Completed
epsilonion25.08.2018 Ticket Description

Is it possible for you to create a feature within the Visual Mechanics for AI..

Something like



There are some lib’s on github for cover, suppression etc that you could look into for this feature.
Having a built in AI editor or an extension of the Visual Mechanics would help skyline appeal to gamers for making games and is already a part of the BIG engines out there and would help skyline shine above all other indie engines..

 90 Feature Requests Attach to a BONE. Medium1Closed
2epsilonion06.07.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

I am working on hit boxes and would like to be able to attach hit boxes to bones, this allows the box to move with the arms and legs making shooting the NPC/players better as we have all complained about games with bad hitboxes in the past or large hitboxes when they could not be attached using the method that i would like to here..

89Feature RequestsRaknet PluginsHigh1New
2Shando16.06.201806.07.2018 Ticket Description

Please implement RakNet Plugins such as Lobby2Client - PC, Lobby2Client - Steam, TeamManager etc.

 87 Feature Requests Key bind for Grid snap Medium1Closed
2Jayce Young06.05.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Requested by user TattieBoJangle, a key bind is needed for example key “V” so the snapping and be enabled and disabled easily.

85Feature RequestsImplementation - Navmesh DetourNavMeshQuery functions LowProcessing
1SpiderMack16.04.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

There is important Navmesh functions to create advanced AI.

Many are already included in Detour Api, Skyline just needs to interface them to Lua.


Used a lot to create dynamic AI moving everywhere around the player

dtStatus dtNavMeshQuery::findRandomPointAroundCircle(dtPolyRef startRef, const float* centerPos, const float maxRadius


Faster than physics raycast when testing environment, and usefull to identify static walls and obstacles
dtStatus dtNavMeshQuery::raycast(dtPolyRef startRef, const float* startPos, const float* endPos


Navigation cost.
Can be used to compare two possible destination cost or used for gaemplay like checking if sound propagation reaches a destination.

float dtQueryFilter::getCost(const float* pa, const float* pb,


Closest point into a boundary poly
dtStatus dtNavMeshQuery::closestPointOnPolyBoundary(dtPolyRef ref, const float* pos, float* closest)


Gets the path in an array of points, it can be usefull to let the user use the path and create it’s own movement code.

dtStatus dtNavMeshQuery::findPath(dtPolyRef startRef, dtPolyRef endRef,

79Feature RequestsMaterial Sub panel to show material namesLowNew
Jayce Young05.04.2018 Ticket Description

TattieBoJangle has requested that the material sub panel show the material names on the icons so you know what material is assigned.

76Feature RequestsFeature request - Navmesh is destination insideLow1Processing
1SpiderMack18.03.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

Navmesh needs a function telling if a destination is inside navmesh or not.
This can be used by AI to know if some destination can be reached.
It’s often used with AI and random movement, fleeing, wandering or other behaviours.

75Feature RequestsFeature request - Physics shape adjust sizeLowNew
SpiderMack17.03.2018 Ticket Description

Box collision size can’t quickly be adjusted in the physics properties.
For example adding a box collision to a tree objects,the box is too big and can be adjusted in the editor.
It’s the same for other physics shapes.

72Feature RequestsFeature request - Directionnal LightLowNew
1SpiderMack16.03.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

Like most 3D engine, add a new object type that is directional light users can place, remove or control with script.
It makes possible having several directional lights active or activated individually.
And remove Sun light parameters under light tools or make it optional.

71Feature RequestsFeature request - Regroup lighting and environment sett...LowNew
1SpiderMack16.03.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

Lighting is scattered all around in Skyline, you discover some default parameters you must change are on Light tools for example you never got the idea it was here.

Those could be grouped on same window or same menu :
- Environment setup
- Sun light and Atmospheric hidden under light tools
- Post effects

70Feature RequestsFeature request - Tone mapping , DOF, color gradingLowResearching
3SpiderMack16.03.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

Common post effects are missing to get better graphics.

-ACES tone mapping
-color grading
-chromatic aberration

This is the lighting tweaking lot of time in Skyline

67Feature RequestsFeature request- Nav Agent TurnSpeed functionLow1New
SpiderMack16.03.2018 Ticket Description

Navmesh API needs a function to allow us to setup the agent max turning speed.

Some characters could be heavy with lower turning speed.
It’s useful to tweak agent turning speed looking more natural and not too fast.

66Feature RequestsRTT - Render to textureMedium1Processing
1epsilonion07.03.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

This is an old request.

Been able to render to texture using a camera in scene would help when making mini-maps, CCTV (say cameras in a prison and they monitor the inmates.

Been able to use a camera as a transmitter for Render to Texture would be awesome.

 65 Feature Requests GUI Editor - Drag and drop of textures to be exposed  High1Closed
2epsilonion06.03.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

To expose dragging and dropping of textures feature that is already in the GUI system that is used..

This way you could easily drag from the inventory to the tool bar (press 1 for gun press 2 for medikit etc) that the player uses a sort of equipped items like you see in nearly every game these days..

It would save on time and workflow of users allowing them to quickly get a player system up and running asap..
it would replace having to code and track the mouse location while LMB is held and released to a co-ord on the screen and if that co-ord is xxx container then put it in slot xx.. then change textures of these slots etc etc..

Just using the existing system you could just use it through the hooks that could be exposed and miss half of the coding needed..

63Feature RequestsNavmesh componentLowProcessing
1SpiderMack03.03.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

All features should be component based, actually Navmesh is a lua call , there is no component.

Skyline should get a nevmesh component.
There would be parameters exposed to component properties like acceleration , deceleration, distance min make navmesh stop, character radius if it could support avoidance.

Also some Lua functions would be needed :
- IsReachable for example, telling if destination position is inside navmesh
- Lua Access to the result array of navmesh calculation if users want to do something else with the calculated path.
- Lua Stop and resume functions , to be able to interrupt a path navigation and resume it if necessary.

62Feature RequestsWeb Access / DRM usage etcLowNew
1epsilonion03.03.201803.03.2018 Ticket Description

I have been thinking about the endgame and if Skyline releases to the steam distribution platform.

Steam seems to be very easy to crack every piece of software/game is available as soon as it comes out via torrents
This way you could create your own DRM to an effect...

Pull data from a steam purchase to a database on your dedicated server/VPS.
When your game loads ask user to login and use there steam email address
Check the email address against your database. etc..

To do this you would have to have access via LUA and pass secure information to and receive it from the server..

1. Lua Web Socket Handles SSL, encryptions etc etc..
2. Use raknet but you would have to write your own Lua lib to work around passing data into lua via curl and passing teh certificate in lua code.

Option 2 would be better for later development when SGE exposes C++ or C# i guess.. and exposing all C++ libs to C# would mean that developers can do this them selves..

61Feature RequestsHeaderless ServerHigh2Processing
Shando02.03.2018 Ticket Description

Please implement a Headerless Server

 58 Feature Requests Mouse Wheel Input High5Closed
3planetX28.02.201823.07.2018 Ticket Description

Missing Lua command for mouse wheel value detection.

 54 Feature Requests New project management and packages Low2Closed
6SpiderMack21.02.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

Actually creating and using a new project in Skyline is confusing
there is no real project structure and it’s and not easy to manage.

Instead it should get a common modern projects structure.

1) Launching skyline would show a list of referenced projects that have been created (a common way of managing projects)

 With buttons to :
  create a new project 
  Delete a project
  Import a project on list from a folder location 

2) A new project :

 would have it's own new game manager and only one that could be modified 
  (no need to load again a game manager each time we open a project)
 would only uses it's own assets from it's own "Assets" directory
       no links to Skyline installation "Assets" folders to avoid any confusion

3) When working on a project, each scene created belongs to that project only.

 A default main empty (or empty with menus) scene is defined when creating a new project.

4) Packages (or templates)

 Ability to specify what assets to include in the new projects "Assets" folder using packages (or templates) when creating it.
 packages would be folders structure with different content that would be imported and copied to the new project "Assets" folder.
 Packages could be ziped or non ziped folder structure and content to deploy on project "Assets" folder

Creating a new projects there would be a list of packages to choose from to include in the new project :
- complete “Assets” (all content from Skyline installation folder “Assets”) by default checkbox would be checked
- Tps template (some characters models, some effects, and scripts)
- nature content
- Sci Fi content
- primitives

Checking nothing , it would create and empty project with the minimum to create an empty scene
(no textures, no 3D models , no particles, no scripts, no micrographs)

Users would be able to create packages for anyone to use.

53Feature RequestsSupport GLTF 2.0 format for extended 3D model exchangeLowDelayed
SpiderMack20.02.2018 Ticket Description

GLFT2.0 is a modern format for modern rendering.

Some engines have open source import/export plugins.

It has some advantages over Collada or FBX formats :

GLTF is a JSON based format. It’s very easy to parse and the data already comes typed.
glTF allows specifying an external file for the big data, in binary format.
glTF’s file structure is crystal clear. No extra or redundant data exists. There is only one way the scene definition can be understood
glTF 2.0 fully supports skeletons and morph targets, which can be parsed easily and unambiguously.
It supports PBR based materials using the Disney/Unreal format, which is what most engines and 3D modelling applications use nowadays
It also handles two-sidedness and transparent materials, including alpha to coverage.
glTF 2.0 supports multiple animations per file,it also supports many key interpolation types, such as Catmull Rom and Cubic Spline.

glTF is developed by individuals from companies such as Microsoft, Unity, Google, Adobe, NVidia, Oculus, etc. in collaboration with Khronos.

You can read more here

51Feature RequestsAsset Manager - FilterLowNew
epsilonion20.02.2018 Ticket Description

Videos .ovg shuld be added to the filters so you can see them..

46Feature RequestsCollision volumes without rigidbodyLowNew
3SpiderMack18.02.201818.02.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline does not have collision volumes objects without rigidbodies.

This is what is used to create hitboxes, collision zones, character or other objects composed of multiple collision parts.

Those collision volumes are used to have collision and detect collision against other objects or detect collision for raycast. Or to get ragdoll feature possible.

This is mostly used in games for characters , vehicles or any other dynamic entity.
Also used for static objects you want to create a simplified collision using some basic collision volumes.

45Feature RequestsGame analyticsLowNew
epsilonion17.02.2018 Ticket Description

Implementation of Game Analytics maybe a good feature for gaining analytics on the fly while users are playing the end game..

Commands could contain:
Send generic Event
Send Progress event
Send Error Event
etc etc

You can check for error that users may have, Player progression, Find your top performing audiences for future advertising, see how gameplay influences player retention,

42Feature RequestsFeature Request - Gen 1 Ocean SystemLow1New
1epsilonion16.02.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

the Ocean system in gen 1 was powerful, easy to use and gave you all the options you could ever want (or need) at a couple of clicks of the mouse, this system would be wasted if not brought into the Second generation of Skyline Game Engine

41Feature RequestsFeature Request - Gen1 Volumetric clouds Ported to Gen2Low1New
epsilonion16.02.2018 Ticket Description

The System in gen 1 for volumetric clouds was a great system it would be great to see it in Gen 2.

36Feature RequestsMaterial sliders to shader rangeLowDelayed
1SpiderMack12.02.201812.02.2018 Ticket Description

Material sliders have sliders with big range values bigger than 1000.

It would be more accurate and better with slider range values be the same as shaders range values 0 to 1.

34Feature RequestsAtmosphear scatteringLow1New
1SpiderMack12.02.201812.02.2018 Ticket Description

A good addition to skybox is to have an optionnal atmosphear scattering.

33Feature RequestsReflection probesLow2Processing
3SpiderMack12.02.201802.03.2018 Ticket Description

Reflection probes volumes baking for materials rendering.

Be able to add or delete reflection probes volumes per scene.

Skyline will blend reflection probes volumes overlapping when rendering to avoid seems.

If no reflection probes are setup in the scene Skyline will fallback using a default scene skybox.

And have some parameters to tweaks, like resolution.

 30 Feature Requests Better Game Manager Low1Closed
1SpiderMack11.02.201822.03.2018 Ticket Description

We should not have to manually copy files to create a new game manager.

There should be a “add” and “delete” game manager buttons, to add new game manager copying default game manager files or remove other custom game manager.

28Feature RequestsRigidBody constraintsLowNew
SpiderMack11.02.2018 Ticket Description

Like most engines be able to setup Physics constraints for movement and rotations on X,Y,Z axis.

27Feature RequestsMulti collision volumes per characterMediumResearching
3SpiderMack11.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

Support for multiple collision volumes for characters, for hit boxes or weapons damage volumes.

26Feature RequestsUpdate Physix engine versionCritical1Processing
3SpiderMack11.02.201803.09.2018 Ticket Description

Acutal Physix engine used by Skyline is v2.8.6.4 , it’s a ten years old version.
Skyline should update to latest version.

25Feature RequestsFracturing / Exploding assetsLow1New
2Mike Felker10.02.201811.02.2018 Ticket Description

For many games, hurling a rocket or grenade and then watch the 3D asset explode into fragments is common. Likewise, fracturing a wall into chunks is all important- like hiding a cave wall that is able to be fractured.

Here is an example:


 24 Feature Requests Cutscene editor Low2Closed
1Mike Felker10.02.201812.02.2018 Ticket Description

We need a way to create cut scenes in engine - use virtual cameras to take cinematic shots and record to a file we can then play back.


23Feature RequestsPost Processing VolumesMediumResearching
1Hannah Young10.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

A box volume for when the player enters it can set/adjust various post effects.

22Feature RequestsGetting NavMesh Data (helpful for AI programming)Medium1Processing
2epsilonion10.02.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

I.e. get navmesh concave so you can get the npc to lean in and fire, the NPC would know that there is an object at a location because of the navmesh data and will know where corners are so it can lean while firing and stay in cover..

There are many many uses for Navmesh data in AI related programming and it gives you more precise control and positioning while seeking out cover than other methods (and the least time consuming) so much better then manually placing cover objects in a scene and getting the npc to position correctly on the corner, manually placing cover objects can be very very resource heavy especially if your doing a full 20km x 20km map.

You can use the Navmesh data with other flags/data on objects in a scene to let the NPC know its a small wall or a object that it can not fire over, overall its about getting the NPC positioning correctly.

This is the preferred method of most AAA and serious game makers.. :)

I.e. get navmesh concave so you can get the npc to lean in and fire, the NPC would know that there is an object at a location because of the navmesh data and will know where corners are so it can lean while firing and stay in cover..

There are many many uses for Navmesh data in AI related programming and it gives you more precise control and positioning while seeking out cover than other methods (and the least time consuming) so much better then manually placing cover objects in a scene and getting the npc to position correctly on the corner.

You can use the Navmesh data with other flags/data on objects in a scene to let the NPC know its a small wall or a object that it can not fire over, overall its about getting the NPC positioning correctly.

This is the preferred method of most AAA and serious game makers.. :)

 20 Feature Requests Batch Reset Pivot in Asset Manager High1Closed
Jayce Young08.02.2018 Ticket Description

Batch reset the pivot position of all meshes based on the selected condition from a RMB context menu inside the asset manager explorer tree view.

 19 Feature Requests Encryption on Editor Plugins Low1Closed
1Jayce Young08.02.201808.02.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ability to encrypt a plugin that is made so the contents of the UI and LUA files cannot be accessed and changed or taken for personal use. This will allow people to keep their editor plugins secure and sell them on the store...

18Feature RequestsNeed true grouping in editorHigh3Processing
2Mike Felker08.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ability to multiselect assets and group them as one mesh while keeping them separate. I know you can put assets in folders and CTRL-CLICK them to move them as a group, but it’s not the same as true grouping.

 17 Feature Requests Ecosystem (mesh) painter badly needed High3Closed
9Mike Felker08.02.201814.06.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ecosystem (mesh) painter working. There is no good way to create grass, forests and large areas of flora and fauna without it.

 16 Feature Requests Testing the Roadmap feature LowClosed
1Hannah Young08.02.201808.02.2018 Ticket Description

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15Feature RequestsPhysics shapes size in propertiesLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Adding sphere or cube rigid body to some character, we can’t change the shape sizes in the editor properties.
Capsule dimensions are also not available in properties.

14Feature RequestsAdditional Shaders effectsLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Some common shaders would be cool :)

toon shading with optionnal outlines
sub surface scattering
furr low gpu cost shader

13Feature Requestsanti aliasing & soft particlesLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Anti aliasing, perhaps MSAA and a faster one like FXAA.
Soft particles for great effects.

12Feature RequestsDecal systemLow2Researching
3Hannah Young07.02.201810.01.2019 Ticket Description

Different decals systems

  • static optimized decals
  • dynamic with polling decals

I mean for example you have a pool of 30 bullet decals created at game start, when you spawn a decal somewhere it uses a decal from the decal pool list.
If you have spanwed the last 30 decals, next time it will take the first decal and position it to the new position request.

Game objects for click placement is great for fast decals.
Advanced decals bending on geometry would be a great addition later.

11Feature RequestsNavmesh functionsLow1Processing
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

CanReachPosition (Vec3) :
Returns if a position we ask is inside navmesh or not.
Can have many uses like checking goal position can be reached or random positions are inside navmesh.

NavmeshRaycast(Vec3 start, Vec3 goal):
Like physics raycast, but returns if there is some intersection in the navmesh from a start position to a goal position. It’s should be less expensive than raycast, but allowing to detect ground static obstacles.

 10 Feature Requests Animation callbacks LowClosed
2Hannah Young07.02.201817.08.2018 Ticket Description

Be able to define functions names and position them inside animation.
This has lot of uses like footsetps, right attack timing or any other actions.

This can be done with timers, but callbacks will decrease the code lenght while making it lightweight.

9Feature RequestsBetter PrefabsLowProcessing
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline prefab system is more like a grouping system, when you drop one in the scene you got all group items in the hierarchy view.

Instead make a real prefab system, a prefab is a new file type, dropping a prefab in the scene displays only one object prefab without child objects in hierarchy tree.
It’s more clear and efficient.

8Feature RequestsDisable gravity per object LowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

The object will continue to react to physic forces, but it will not use gravity.
This is used a lot for new and fun gameplay styles.

Nvidia functions description

 7 Feature Requests Easy Hierarchy child objects Medium1Closed
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline has object attachement script that is working.

Why not proposing later a simple way of adding child objects with hierarchy view drag and drop objects.

6Feature RequestsMulti collision objects per objectLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Be able to add mutliple collision volumes per object.
This could be usefull some times to get low poly approximate collisions.
Or a tool able to create some low poly collision volumes automatically from a mesh.

Those additions could be useful.

5Feature RequestsShow Hide object or folders in hierarchy MediumProcessing
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Have a new icon on hierarchy list to show/hide objects or folders containing a list of objects.

This is usefull for level design, for example you could hide different group of objects similar to show hide layers.
For example you could hide roof top objects or large objects, to be able to view some interiors and start placing small props.

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