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18Feature RequestsNeed true grouping in editorHigh3Processing
2Mike Felker08.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ability to multiselect assets and group them as one mesh while keeping them separate. I know you can put assets in folders and CTRL-CLICK them to move them as a group, but it’s not the same as true grouping.

33Feature RequestsReflection probesLow2Processing
3SpiderMack12.02.201802.03.2018 Ticket Description

Reflection probes volumes baking for materials rendering.

Be able to add or delete reflection probes volumes per scene.

Skyline will blend reflection probes volumes overlapping when rendering to avoid seems.

If no reflection probes are setup in the scene Skyline will fallback using a default scene skybox.

And have some parameters to tweaks, like resolution.

12Feature RequestsDecal systemLow2Researching
3Hannah Young07.02.201810.01.2019 Ticket Description

Different decals systems

  • static optimized decals
  • dynamic with polling decals

I mean for example you have a pool of 30 bullet decals created at game start, when you spawn a decal somewhere it uses a decal from the decal pool list.
If you have spanwed the last 30 decals, next time it will take the first decal and position it to the new position request.

Game objects for click placement is great for fast decals.
Advanced decals bending on geometry would be a great addition later.

61Feature RequestsHeaderless ServerHigh2Processing
Shando02.03.2018 Ticket Description

Please implement a Headerless Server

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