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99Bug ReportThe game engine crash everytimeCriticalNew
Coppens Remy19.07.2020 Ticket Description


I’m desperate because the engine crashes all the time for anything.
I tried with the renderer ‘DirectX’ and ‘OpenGL’ it’s the same.

Eg. I’m looking in the ‘SkyGraph Editor’ part, I’m just browsing categories and all of a sudden crash, no error message (one eg. in video).

Another example, I select a ‘game object’ (Widgets / Geometry shapes n Physic / Physics - Stack sphere) and directly the crash engine (see video).
If I put a wrong command in a script, the engine crashes ...

I have no problem with the other apps I use so the problem is not with my PC.

I have reinstalled Skyline Game Engine several times (uninstalled before) but it’s always the same.
I like this engine and I want to use it but currently impossible.

Please help me!

Video here:

Best Regards,

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