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 94 Bug Report Trying to run the engine in 32 or 64 bit engine crashes Critical1Closed
10Mike Felker06.12.201806.12.2018 Ticket Description

I cannot tun the engine. Double clicking on either the 32 or 64 bit engine editor crashes to windows.

What must I do to be able to run Skyline?


25Feature RequestsFracturing / Exploding assetsLow1New
2Mike Felker10.02.201811.02.2018 Ticket Description

For many games, hurling a rocket or grenade and then watch the 3D asset explode into fragments is common. Likewise, fracturing a wall into chunks is all important- like hiding a cave wall that is able to be fractured.

Here is an example:


 24 Feature Requests Cutscene editor Low2Closed
1Mike Felker10.02.201812.02.2018 Ticket Description

We need a way to create cut scenes in engine - use virtual cameras to take cinematic shots and record to a file we can then play back.


18Feature RequestsNeed true grouping in editorHigh3Processing
2Mike Felker08.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ability to multiselect assets and group them as one mesh while keeping them separate. I know you can put assets in folders and CTRL-CLICK them to move them as a group, but it’s not the same as true grouping.

 17 Feature Requests Ecosystem (mesh) painter badly needed High3Closed
9Mike Felker08.02.201814.06.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ecosystem (mesh) painter working. There is no good way to create grass, forests and large areas of flora and fauna without it.

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