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23Feature RequestsPost Processing VolumesMediumResearching
1Hannah Young10.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

A box volume for when the player enters it can set/adjust various post effects.

 21 Bug Report End Game Issues Critical1Closed
3Hannah Young10.02.201820.02.2018 Ticket Description

There have been many issues when exporting an end game. These are now in the process of being fixed.

 16 Feature Requests Testing the Roadmap feature LowClosed
1Hannah Young08.02.201808.02.2018 Ticket Description

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15Feature RequestsPhysics shapes size in propertiesLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Adding sphere or cube rigid body to some character, we can’t change the shape sizes in the editor properties.
Capsule dimensions are also not available in properties.

14Feature RequestsAdditional Shaders effectsLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Some common shaders would be cool :)

toon shading with optionnal outlines
sub surface scattering
furr low gpu cost shader

13Feature Requestsanti aliasing & soft particlesLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Anti aliasing, perhaps MSAA and a faster one like FXAA.
Soft particles for great effects.

12Feature RequestsDecal systemLow2Researching
3Hannah Young07.02.201810.01.2019 Ticket Description

Different decals systems

  • static optimized decals
  • dynamic with polling decals

I mean for example you have a pool of 30 bullet decals created at game start, when you spawn a decal somewhere it uses a decal from the decal pool list.
If you have spanwed the last 30 decals, next time it will take the first decal and position it to the new position request.

Game objects for click placement is great for fast decals.
Advanced decals bending on geometry would be a great addition later.

11Feature RequestsNavmesh functionsLow1Processing
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.02.2019 Ticket Description

CanReachPosition (Vec3) :
Returns if a position we ask is inside navmesh or not.
Can have many uses like checking goal position can be reached or random positions are inside navmesh.

NavmeshRaycast(Vec3 start, Vec3 goal):
Like physics raycast, but returns if there is some intersection in the navmesh from a start position to a goal position. It’s should be less expensive than raycast, but allowing to detect ground static obstacles.

 10 Feature Requests Animation callbacks LowClosed
2Hannah Young07.02.201817.08.2018 Ticket Description

Be able to define functions names and position them inside animation.
This has lot of uses like footsetps, right attack timing or any other actions.

This can be done with timers, but callbacks will decrease the code lenght while making it lightweight.

9Feature RequestsBetter PrefabsLowProcessing
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline prefab system is more like a grouping system, when you drop one in the scene you got all group items in the hierarchy view.

Instead make a real prefab system, a prefab is a new file type, dropping a prefab in the scene displays only one object prefab without child objects in hierarchy tree.
It’s more clear and efficient.

8Feature RequestsDisable gravity per object LowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

The object will continue to react to physic forces, but it will not use gravity.
This is used a lot for new and fun gameplay styles.

Nvidia functions description

 7 Feature Requests Easy Hierarchy child objects Medium1Closed
1Hannah Young07.02.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline has object attachement script that is working.

Why not proposing later a simple way of adding child objects with hierarchy view drag and drop objects.

6Feature RequestsMulti collision objects per objectLowNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Be able to add mutliple collision volumes per object.
This could be usefull some times to get low poly approximate collisions.
Or a tool able to create some low poly collision volumes automatically from a mesh.

Those additions could be useful.

5Feature RequestsShow Hide object or folders in hierarchy MediumProcessing
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

Have a new icon on hierarchy list to show/hide objects or folders containing a list of objects.

This is usefull for level design, for example you could hide different group of objects similar to show hide layers.
For example you could hide roof top objects or large objects, to be able to view some interiors and start placing small props.

4Bug ReportCan't change capsule rotationMediumNew
Hannah Young07.02.2018 Ticket Description

If you add a capsule rigidbody to some object, you can’t change it’s rotations to fit the object orientation.


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