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 87 Feature Requests Key bind for Grid snap Medium1Closed
2Jayce Young06.05.201808.08.2018 Ticket Description

Requested by user TattieBoJangle, a key bind is needed for example key “V” so the snapping and be enabled and disabled easily.

81Bug ReportStop the ability to readd an action that is already app...HighNew
Jayce Young05.04.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline lets you add 2 or more actions of the same name to the entity but does not support adding multiple same actions.
It can then cause unforseen things to happen like scene load issues.

We need skyline to not let you add any more actions of the same name to an entity and display a message box when you do.

 80 Bug Report Scene Upgrader gets stuck on scene load HighClosed
Jayce Young05.04.2018 Ticket Description

Scene Upgrader gets stuck on scene load if any entities have 2 or more actions that are the same on an entity.
It causes a loop to happen due to array sizes going out of whack.

the simplest solution is not use multiple actions of the same name on an entity in the first place, however there is no error catching. See other ticket about this.

Bug brought about from @rockStahr from discord.

79Feature RequestsMaterial Sub panel to show material namesLowNew
Jayce Young05.04.2018 Ticket Description

TattieBoJangle has requested that the material sub panel show the material names on the icons so you know what material is assigned.

 43 Bug Report Skyline when uninstalls removes asset library Critical1Closed
2Jayce Young17.02.201815.03.2018 Ticket Description

When skyline is uninstalled, the entire asset library is removed which means if any work is saved there, then it is potentially going to be removed. THIS is very bad if making a large project in the asset library. Although it is advisable to make a project external from the install location if you are making a large game to save any pain or use a second library setup in the editor settings.

We have a new plan which should resolve this. which is:

* Asset library that ships with the install will be turned into the System library. This way, we can clear it out and replace with newer files.
* Once we have the system library, then the user library will be the Asset library, which can be placed anywhere outside of the installation directory and where the DLC and any custom user work can be placed.

This has multiple advantages:
1) A constant resource list can be used for the user library which means folders don’t need to be rescanned every time skyline is installed.
2) If and when skyline is uninstalled, only the system library will be removed leaving all files from user side intact.
3) The asset library will be able to be placed anywhere on any HDD with setup instructions inside the editor itself.
4) By default, the asset library can be stored and placed into user documents.

 37 Bug Report Attach Entity to Bone Crash Medium1Closed
2Jayce Young13.02.201813.07.2018 Ticket Description

Skyline crashes every time I try to attach an entity to a bone via Action Editor.

Also, tried to get the world position of a bone with lua, but the command “bone.getWorldPosition()” doesn’t work either.

 20 Feature Requests Batch Reset Pivot in Asset Manager High1Closed
Jayce Young08.02.2018 Ticket Description

Batch reset the pivot position of all meshes based on the selected condition from a RMB context menu inside the asset manager explorer tree view.

 19 Feature Requests Encryption on Editor Plugins Low1Closed
1Jayce Young08.02.201808.02.2018 Ticket Description

We need the ability to encrypt a plugin that is made so the contents of the UI and LUA files cannot be accessed and changed or taken for personal use. This will allow people to keep their editor plugins secure and sell them on the store...

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