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Opened by epsilonion - 21.02.2018
Last edited by epsilonion - 21.02.2018

FS#57 - Mesh merger crash

See video

   Skyline.log (129.6 KiB)
Jayce Young commented on 21.02.2018 10:38

I believe that has crashed because you are merging a light into the entity list.
This is only for mesh merging, if you need the light with the mesh, then save it all as a preset :)

epsilonion commented on 21.02.2018 10:39

10:24:59: OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot find a group named in ResourceGroupManager::isResourceGroupInitialised at E:\00_Skyline Integrations\Ogre3D SDK\Source\v2-1\OgreMain\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 1944)

Skyline is installed on my c:

It has two reports because I did it first time and it worked so I deleted the preset etc, then I made a video and it crashed the second time.

Jayce Young commented on 21.02.2018 15:28

ok, will have a look when i have a chance :)


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